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Having a 180 years oldness, this is one of the main recreation places of Cluj-Napoca, situated on the bank of Somesul Mic.

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Two years after the death of the empress Elisabeth – Austro-Hungarian emperor Franz Josef's wife – the inhabitants named the promenade of the southern ridge of Cetatii Hill after the empress, also placing here her statue (which is nowadays in the Botanical Garden).

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Is situated westward of Cetațuia Hill and represents an important weekend recreation place. The northern slope is covered with a mixed forest of hornbeam, cornel trees, hazelnut trees, wild apple trees, locust trees, common oak etc., with various blooming clearings where, occasionally, are taking place different concerts.

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Protected natural zone and monument of nature of great national interest, this area contains natural brush of common oak and beech. The protected area has a surface of 10 ha and preserves natural species and habitats, of great importance from the point of view of fauna, flora and forest. It can be visited with the object of science, education and recreation, offering tourism and recreation possibilities in the surroundings of Cluj.

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This botanical reservation with a vegetation that is specific to steppe zones in Eastern Europe et Asia occupies a 2.5 ha surface, 3-4 km northwards of Cluj-Napoca municipality. This reservation is well-known also because of the adder of hayfield (Vipera ursinii rakosiensis), which lives there.

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