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Best of Cluj-Napoca





The two cultural institutions were founded in 18th September 1919, as an expression of spiritual rebirth after the Great Uniuon in 1918. The building which houses the „Lucian Blaga" National Theatre and the Romanian Opera was built between 1904 and 1906, as seat for the Hungarian National Theatre, by the famous Viennese firm „ Fellner und Helmer", combining stylistic elements of new-baroque and Secession.


The hall has 928 setas and it is built in New-Baroque style. For decorating the lobby were used stylistic modulations inspired by Secession. The National Theatre and the Romanian Opera have been functioning there since 1919. The opening show of the National Theatre of Cluj took place on 1st and 2nd December 1919, with the plays „Se face ziua" by Zaharia Barsan and „Ovidiu" by Vasile Alecsandri. The „Eupharion" Studio of the National Theatre is especially designed for the young artists and their creative experiments.


The Romanian National Opera from Cluj Napoca is the first lyrical dramatic state institution from Romania. The inaugural show took place on 25 May 1820, with the play "Aida" by G.Verdi. More than 200 titles of operas, operettas and ballets from the world repertoire have been put on scene at the Romanian Opera so far.

Booking office: 14 Stefan cel Mare Square

Schedule: Tuesday - Sunaday: 11:00 – 17:00



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